The 5 Lowest & Highest Rated Movies of All Time (According to Rotten Tomatoes)

Many people find movies to be a great escape from the regular stresses and problems in day to day life. You can relax and get away from life for a couple of hours. It can also be a fun bonding moment with your friends and family. However, you need to watch the right movie for it to be effective. Here are some of the highest and lowest rated movies of all time (according to Rotten Tomatoes).

Highest Rated Movies of All Time

1. Citizen Cane (1941)
Citizen Cane has been widely accepted as one of the best movies in the world since Orson Welles released it. The red sled and the mysterious quotes keep you at the edge of your seat for the entire movie.

2. Toy Story 2 (1999)
Who said an animated movie can’t be one of the best? Toy Story 2 proved just how amazing a kid’s movie can be. In one of the rare moments when a sequel is even better than the original, the all-star cast offers a great performance that keeps this a classic movie for kids for years to come.

3. The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
Robin Hood has been a popular legend for thousands of years. There are a number of variations of the story, but the 1938 version stands out above the rest. The acting and the story are superb enough for it to hold up for years.

4. Singing in the Rain (1952)
This classical music will have you singing for days (hopefully not in the rain, though). Gene Kelley isn’t good- he’s great. The story is charming, and it’s appropriate for the entire family.

5. Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
The Bride of Frankenstein gives us some iconic imagery that we still think of today when we think of the Bride of Frankenstein. It doesn’t get too scary to make it unwatchable for children, but you will get some scares.

Lowest Rated Movies of All Time

1. Jaws: The Revenge (1987)
One of the worst sequels in existence is Jaws: the Revenge. For some reason, after everything that happened in the first movie, these people are back on a boat in shark-infested waters again. The tension and amazing writing that was in the first movie did not transfer to the second one.

2. Gotti (2018)
There are a lot of great gangster movies. That makes a bad one look especially bad. That’s the case here with Gotti. John Travolta stars as infamous gangster John Gotti, but the movie was harshly criticized by critics.

3. National Lampoon’s Gold Diggers (2003)
National Lampoon was a funny movie. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t apply for this movie. The star power and great comedic timing just isn’t there. The story isn’t exactly enlightening, either.

4. Surfer, Dude (2008)
Matthew McConaughey stars in this mess of a movie about, you guessed it, a surfer dude. While the role seems great for the eccentric actor, they didn’t give him enough to win with. You can’t win them all. Alright, alright, alright.

5. The Ridiculous Six (2015)
Adam Sandler could do no wrong for a number of years in the 90s. Unfortunately, this made for Netflix movie doesn’t stand up to his other movies. The story is just silly. Also, it just feels like everyone is adhering to a contractual obligation.

It’s great to relax and watch a movie on a chill night. Use this list to help you pick the right movie.